What’s ahead for 2016?

So it’s that time of year I guess. All of the year in review posts, and looking back on the last year remembering what we did and … didn’t do. I’ve read my fair share of posts lately as well, those that highlight what was done, what wasn’t, what was missed, how some have grown and how some have seemingly changed everything completely.

Well with that, I’m gonna do something a little different. Rather than a year in review and reflecting on the past, I’m going to look forward and lay out what I want to do in the year to come. Call it a list of resolutions, call it a list of goals, call it a plan for the year ahead or call it what you want. I’m just laying out some of what I want to aim to get done in the year to come.

So here goes.

📝 I want to write more. (starting with this I suppose)
🔨 I want to build more with my hands.
💻 I want to ship 3 more side projects.
🍜 I want to cook more and cook new dishes at that.
🏃 I want to run another 1/2 marathon and potentially a full.
📱 I want to ship 1 app.
🕰 And I want to spend more time with those around me.

Bring it on 2016.

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