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Is this thing on…

But really, is this thing even on…?

Wow it’s been a while (almost a year I guess) since I’ve been around here. Well I guess that’s going to have to change. More things to come, things to update, and rants to be had. So, stay tuned there’s more coming this way soon.

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving is a time spent with family and friends and a time of year for us all to remember and recall what we are thankful over the past year. (Although we all know we should be thankful more than just one random Thursday a year).


This year my wife and I were close enough to family to be able to spend the day and the weekend together! This year my sister was lucky enough to host it for us all – me, my wife, my parents, my sister’s boyfriend, her cat and my dog all got together in her one bedroom apartment. Needless to say it was tight, but it was a good tight and was good for us all to be together.

My wife and I decided that we were going to run a Thanksgiving 5K whether we had dinner plans or not that day – since the planning for the day was up in the air until the last minute. Once plans were made, we found a race to run! And run it we did…and almost froze. We got up and headed to the run as my dad started getting the turkey ready for the oven. When we ran, it was 14° out with a 20 mph wind…making it a real feel of -1°. So needless to say we were COLD by the time we were done.


After the race, we headed back to my sister’s and got ready for the day! All in all a great day filled with a run, family time, great food (plenty of it), and laughter. And this year, I am thankful for my health, my family and friends and the opportunity to spend the holidays with the people that I love.

The “Bacon Ride”


Saturday morning group ride! Four of us planned out a route (which two of us pre-road) and had a blast! We road out to a little Amish restaraunt and had a “break” when we were there. Two of us saw something that we couldn’t NOT try…a Bacon Long John! And let me tell you…it was fantastic! The best part…we ate it mid ride so there was no guilt in eating it, we rode it off before and for sure by the time we were done. The ride started great, nice and cool and a nice breeze, but ended a touch hot – but all in all a good ride with only one flat and two dropped chains between the four of us! Great way to spend a Saturday morning.